Resolution Passed by Renfrew County

Posted at 07/02/10 - 01:13 PM

The approved minutes of the May 26, 2010 Renfrew County Council meeting are now available. The following excerpt is the result of CREATE's presentation. This resolution is similar to that passed by Deep River on June 2 and the Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus in late June.

Moved by: Mayor Aikens
Seconded by: Mayor Briscoe

WHEREAS the future of Chalk River Laboratories (CRL) is uncertain due to the on-going restructuring of AECL (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited) and due to CRL’s reliance on the aging National Research Universal (NRU) reactor;

AND WHEREAS the NRU reactor is a national resource for science and industry, enabling research and development for the Canadian nuclear energy industry (including support for the existing 22 CANDU power reactors in Canada), advanced materials research by researchers from universities and industries across Canada, and training students for Canada’s knowledge-based economy;

AND WHEREAS Eastern Ontario, Ontario, and Canada needs a new world-class multi-purpose research reactor that will surpass the current capabilities of the NRU reactor, as it is not certain that the NRU reactor will perform these research missions beyond 2016;

AND WHEREAS CRL is the best and most logical location for such a major facility due to the existing expertise, supporting infrastructure and community support;

AND WHEREAS if CRL is revitalized as a national laboratory with a new world-class multipurpose research reactor, Canada will not only be able to continue to support its existing fleet of CANDU power reactors, saving Canada billions of dollars in electricity costs and ensuring clean air, but also to develop the next generation of advanced power reactors, and to support tens of thousands of research projects with wide ranging applications, including health, environment, energy, natural resources, nanotechnology, aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing. The advances of technology in these areas could have dramatic long-term effects on the well-being of all Canadians;

AND WHEREAS the loss of the NRU reactor, with no replacement, will affect over 150 companies throughout Canada and will have a harmful economic impact on the County of Renfrew, Eastern Ontario, the Province of Ontario, and Canada;

AND WHEREAS the loss of the NRU reactor, with no replacement, will mean the loss of Canada’s brightest and best research scholars on the field of materials testing and development to other countries and the resulting loss of totally new fields of science and technology that will drive Canadian industries for the next century. This loss will limit Canada’s ability to develop its knowledge-based economy;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council of the County of Renfrew hereby strongly requests that the Government of Canada establish the post-restructuring mission of CRL as a national laboratory, and proceed as expeditiously as possible with the development of a new world-class multi-purpose research reactor that will meet the research and development needs of Canadian stakeholders for the next 50 years;

AND FURTHER THAT this resolution be circulated to municipalities in the County of Renfrew, the Eastern Ontario Warden’s Caucus, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, Cheryl Gallant, MP, Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, and John Yakabuski, MPP, Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke.


Mayors Briscoe and Campbell suggested that the above resolution should have a much broader circulation to include all municipalities in Ontario. Mayor Aikens suggested that once the resolution is considered by the Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus, she could meet with the Warden and CAO to determine further circulation. County Council agreed to this process.

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