CREATE Presents to Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards Town Council

Posted at 07/28/10 - 09:06 PM

CREATE presented its vision to the Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards Town Council on Tuesday, July 20, 2010. Three articles were published in local media, which you can download here


CREATE members pay KHR Township a visit

The Valley Gazette • Thursday July 29, 2010
Christine Rumleskie, Staff Report

Members of a grassroots organization dedicated to implementing a national laboratory in Chalk River approached the mayor and councillors at the Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards meeting on July 20.


"The government of Saskatchewan, combined with the University of Saskatchewan, is making a concerted, effort to encourage the federal government to support the building of a new research reactor in Saskatchewan," Tapp said. "Meanwhile, Ontario has put the idea of building a new reactor build on hold and nobody has come out and said anything. I find it a little disconcerting because the Ontario government has the most to lose if the wrong decision is made."


''The future presents a great opportunity for Canada, if we make the right decisions," Dr. Bromley said. "So if we take the initiative to establish a National Lab in Chalk River, that puts it in a position where we can provide services for the rest of the world."


Group seeks to protect future of Chalk River nuclear facility

Barry's Bay This Week • Wednesday, July 28. 2010
By Tony Pearson • Special to This Week

Two members of a group calling itself CREATE (Chalk River Employees Ad-hoc TaskforcE) made a presentation at the Tuesday night meeting of Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards town council, looking to raise awareness of dangers facing the laboratory in this Ottawa Valley community, and to enlist help in their efforts to protect it.

Gordon Tapp, president of the Chalk River Technicians and Technologists, and Dr. Brian Bromley stated that federal government plans to restructure Atomic Energy of Canada could result in the shut-down of the Chalk River research facilities, including the NRU reactor, which is used not only for the production of medical isotopes but for extensive nuclear research.

This would have a devastating effect, not only on the economy of the Ottawa Valley, but on Canada's future ability to continue as a producer of nuclear technology. Tapp said that he could easily see a day coming where Canadian uranium is processed in france or South Korea and then sold back to us.

Councillors expressed their support for CREATE's efforts. Councillor Ernie Cybulski noted the parallels when Canada scrapped the Avro Arrow, and lost its military aircraft industry.

Councillor Debbie Peplinskie suggested that Mayor Janice Visneskie try to raise the issue with provincial government ministers at the upcoming conference of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. Visneskie agreed, noting that county council had already endorsed CREATE's priorities.


Unified direction is needed for Chalk River nuclear industry

The Leader, Eganville - Ontario• July 28, 2010
By Terry Fleurie, Staff Writer

Killaloe -- The future of the Canadian nuclear industry is unclear at best and for it to return to the prominence it once deservedly held, a unified direction for the future is needed.

That was the message delivered to Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Township council last Tuesday night by two members of CREATE (the Chalk River Employees Ad-hoc TaskforcE for a national laboratory).

Since its inception, CREATE has been trying to reach out to all levels of government to promote the concept of a future national laboratory at Chalk River that would serve the needs of the entire nation.

"So what we're trying to do is spread the message make people aware of the situation, and start a ground swell of people to put pressure on two facets of government, one of course being the federal government and, Minister Christian Paradis, who is in charge of AECL right now, and the other people we're trying to pressure is the provincial government;” he said.

Mr. Tapp said the reason to pressure the province is two-fold as Ontario has a vested interest in the maintenance of the nuclear industry and the infrastructure that supports it as well as the fact that elements of the federal government are considering the approval of the development of a new nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan.

"The Ontario government has the most to lose in all this if the wrong decisions are made," he said. "So that's why we are coming to you people because we have to start putting pressure on the provincial government to speak up."


Anyone interested in learning more is invited to view the CREATE report at and an on-line petition can be signed in support of the group.


Read the full version of these articles here

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